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PLEASE NOTE: For Christmas 2020 we will only be sending text messages to the UK

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Below you'll find the schedule of the personalised text messages sent from Santa. The name of the sender of the text message will say "Santa Claus".

Please note that orders placed after the schedule date will receive the next message in the sequence.

The Text Schedule

Sent 18th December

Ho Ho Ho Ruby, Christmas is nearly here and you've been such a good girl you're on my nice list. Santa

Sent 20th December

Ruby, we're so excited! There's only 5 days to go to Christmas Day. Keep being a good, well done. Santa

Sent 22th December

Hi Ruby, It's Santa here. The elves have told me what you would like for Christmas, so I hope you're ready and excited. From Santa Ho Ho Ho

Sent 24th December

Hi Ruby, the reindeers are ready & my sleigh is full of presents. I'll be heading to your location shortly. Ho Ho Ho! Santa



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